It's A Jungle Out There

In the jungle, the silverback gorilla is at the center of the troop’s attention, determining the movements of the group, mediating conflicts and taking responsibility for the safety and well being of the entire troop.  In the business world, we believe that the HR function should be the center of any organization, supporting the overall business strategy and looking after its employees.

Regardless of the size of your business, there are always parts of your HR function that can be improved or that could use additional support. 

Stop monkeying around with your resources; allow Silverback Solutions to provide you that additional support.


What We Do

Take a moment to think about your current HR function, if the first thing that comes to mind is negative or you can’t think of anything specific in regards to the services your HR Department provides – there’s a problem!  And that’s what we do; we solve problems, both real and perceived, for businesses in Japan. 

Our objective is simple; we want to help our clients build an HR function that is efficient, proactive and cost effective.


How We Do This

Given the busy schedules that most HR departments face, some services may get overlooked.  We can help streamline your HR services and ensure that nothing gets missed.  The first step is to develop a snapshot of your current HR services by organizing them into the following major areas:

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